Q: So I want to know what has this year been like for you and how delicious has it been to play all these different sides of Regina?

Lana: It’s been awesome. So much fun. I love her arc, from where she started with this void in her heart and she was this badass evil queen. To realizing her potential to love someone… this someone… um… to fill the void.  [x]

Season 4 Bloopers [x]


Lana (wearing D&G) and Jennifer (in Lublu) for Entertainment Weekly during SDCC.


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kira yukimura in the teen wolf mid-season trailer

Entertainment Weekly Comic Con portrait

Marvel Studios Panel — San Diego Comic Con 2014

It’s a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It’s a dead pool. And we’re all on it.

Marvel Studios Panel - The Avengers: Age Of Ultron @ San Diego Comic Con 2014

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